Disney's Aladdin - Special Look: In Theaters May 24


  1. Acid Burn

    Acid BurnЧас назад

    looks like this is what happens, when you swallow the BLUE pill..!!

  2. Copyright Aniki

    Copyright AnikiЧас назад

    Aww That's Hot inside of the teapot

  3. Ebreeze84

    Ebreeze84Час назад

    In this version Aladdin ends up falling in love with Jafar, the fashion designer.

  4. Ebreeze84

    Ebreeze84Час назад

    Is Jafar gay now or fashion designer or BOTH? Literally what the fuck

  5. Diarra A

    Diarra AЧас назад

    Who are the ORANGUTANS that gave the ok for this decision? Idk what Disney has going on but the executives must have the intelligence of primates bc literally all of these characters are out of place. And is that JAFAR?? That's what he sounds like?? World must be coming to an end.

  6. French frys

    French frysЧас назад

    I never knew they'll add someone from the rewind 2018

  7. Leonardo Shellhead

    Leonardo ShellheadЧас назад

    More dislikes than likes?? Wow...

  8. Dillon Vaughan

    Dillon Vaughan2 часа назад

    I thought the memes were a joke. That CGI quality looks like a kids in their first year of college. 10/10

  9. Justin Petsinis

    Justin Petsinis2 часа назад

    Let's get this to the most disliked video on RUreporter. This is worse then RUreporter rewind.

  10. Таня Агафонова

    Таня Агафонова2 часа назад

    Arabian Nights without arabian people....

  11. ChrisGamer

    ChrisGamer2 часа назад

    It's Will Smith painted blue

  12. Jackson Williams

    Jackson Williams2 часа назад

    I don’t get why people don’t like this.

  13. MAXGXD

    MAXGXD2 часа назад

    I have a bet with my friend Diego. Which is worse the cgi or the mustache? Btw I say the muatache

  14. Amina Best

    Amina Best2 часа назад

    Ooh I don’t like it is very bored 😑

  15. Mango Vde

    Mango Vde2 часа назад

    I miss the soul Disney once had. You can feel the heart doesn't beat anymore. This is just awful.

  16. hackerquin

    hackerquin2 часа назад

    this was amazing until will Smith turned into a smurf. I still don't think it deserves the amount of dislikes it has but... Oof

  17. Joey Granato

    Joey Granato2 часа назад

    Worst movie of the year

  18. Gary Hodgson

    Gary Hodgson2 часа назад

    The fresh prince of Agrabah, OMG Disney ABORT!! while you still have time!

  19. Victor Miranda

    Victor Miranda2 часа назад

    DAMM the dislikes

  20. ryder mccall

    ryder mccall3 часа назад

    “Kazaam 2” They replaced Shaq with Will Smith

  21. Jack brue

    Jack brue3 часа назад

    Oh for love of god Will, first youtube rewind and now this!!? Are you trying to ruin your career?

  22. oscarandriel

    oscarandriel3 часа назад

    Doesn't look that bad, why so many dislikes?

  23. Riddhi Vaze

    Riddhi Vaze3 часа назад

    Disney thought that Frozen 2 will distract us from disaster response of Aladdin, But not us.. Not us.

  24. David Burke

    David Burke3 часа назад

    Are we just all gonna casually ignore the fact that the magic carpet shows up in this trailer too?

  25. Yogesh

    Yogesh3 часа назад

    This movie is going to be a disaster.

  26. José Daniel Caamaño Hernández

    José Daniel Caamaño Hernández3 часа назад

    JAFAR HELLO???????

  27. Abhijeet Kharbade

    Abhijeet Kharbade3 часа назад

    This happens when you pay majority of movie budget to Will Smith.

  28. • Craz •

    • Craz •3 часа назад

    Y'all really smash that dislike button lmao

  29. Maher Jamal

    Maher Jamal3 часа назад

    Why did everyone dislike this, cuz of will smith? Damn yah niggas really bandwagon smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  30. MIthila

    MIthila4 часа назад

    Does Will Smith related videos always get tons of dislikes? 🙄

  31. Chris McCartney

    Chris McCartney4 часа назад

    Oh god this looks terrible. Hopefully it's not as bad as the trailer is making it out to be

  32. raw43 56

    raw43 564 часа назад

    Its remake time

  33. raw43 56

    raw43 564 часа назад


  34. Fire Ice

    Fire Ice4 часа назад

    Omfg thought this looked cool as fuck then I saw Genie and almost died of laughter. 😂😂😂Lol you really never had a friend like Robin Williams

  35. The Ginger Kid

    The Ginger Kid4 часа назад

    I have never had a Disney trailer make me go soft

  36. A Wessex Gunner - 0161

    A Wessex Gunner - 01614 часа назад

    Scorpion king vibes

  37. Joe Fanik

    Joe Fanik4 часа назад

    In West Agrabah where I was born and raised, in a genie lamp is where I spent most of my days...

  38. Macumbeiro

    Macumbeiro4 часа назад

    I want to see the snowflakes melting when Will Smith (an african american) calls Aladdin “master” 🤣🤣🤦🏻‍♂️.

  39. TU

    TU4 часа назад

    I'm at least interested to see Will Smith's rendition of A Friend Like Me and Prince Ali. Hopefully he's still fresh from his rap career.

  40. Theo Monahan

    Theo Monahan4 часа назад

    Tried to have a positive outlook. Then saw the genie. And well, that fell flat.

  41. reignofrock

    reignofrock4 часа назад

    Will someone please put out the dumpster fire I see before me?!

  42. haris mavridis

    haris mavridis4 часа назад

    when Jafar said .....Aladin hmm so sassy that Jaffar

  43. u h u r t m e b u t i s t i l l l o v e u

    u h u r t m e b u t i s t i l l l o v e u4 часа назад

    Its rewind time....no like really can we not do this?

  44. L7

    L74 часа назад

    we need snoop dog to be Jafar no cap 😤

  45. Rogue Agent

    Rogue Agent4 часа назад

    Got one story to tell you disney What are those?!

  46. Rogue Agent

    Rogue Agent4 часа назад

    I'm not going mean but.. are you going to fired one your workers? Because you are dying? Ben is a hoe!

  47. Matchington 1

    Matchington 14 часа назад

    This movie is not finished yet, therefore the CGI is not finished. This is a rough draft. Obviously it will look much better in the final product. Disney would not go from flawless CGI in The Jungle Book (2016) to student film CGI.

  48. BJMillions

    BJMillions4 часа назад

    disney is so unoriginal right now. They can't even think of a new movie. I'm sure Walt Disney would be disappointed

  49. hplee1

    hplee14 часа назад

    this looks like fan made/weird cosplay show...are you serious Disney?

  50. One_Psychotic_Summer

    One_Psychotic_Summer4 часа назад

    I can't wait to see this. Not keen on the casting of Jafar but the rest looks awesome!

  51. SquareOne

    SquareOne4 часа назад

    Now thats hot.

  52. The Animatrix

    The Animatrix5 часов назад

    Why did they make shrek blue?

  53. TJ Plays

    TJ Plays5 часов назад

    People calling Will Smith a bad casting job are really gonna ignore how amazing and talented he is at everything he does because he's playing Genie in an Aladdin remake? Calm down, he's gonna do good in the role! The rest of the casting, I really don't know yet, but regardless of his role and the CGI, Will Smith will be good in this, I believe it. And he's not gonna be as good as Robin Williams was because he's not trying to be. If anything, blame the film for trying too hard (or maybe not hard enough) rather than blaming Will Smith for taking such a fantastic opportunity.

  54. Ray Alagon

    Ray Alagon5 часов назад

    Oh please. You are trying to ruin my childhood memories. 😢

  55. Aj Hernández

    Aj Hernández5 часов назад

    Is that genie rapping or what? Go back to BelAir Will

  56. Mr Robot

    Mr Robot5 часов назад

    Guy Ritchie what is this?Its a Crap

  57. ChaosDev

    ChaosDev5 часов назад

    Damn, this looks awful, only the music seems ok

  58. ToiletPartyExtreme

    ToiletPartyExtreme5 часов назад

    It just doesn’t work. Will Smith being the genie (just the genie alone) is the same as a foreign country attempting CGI cartoons and slapping a face on it.

  59. Zach Gaming

    Zach Gaming5 часов назад

    Still better than NASA's CGI

  60. justin hughes

    justin hughes5 часов назад

    i'll stick to the lion king

  61. Bitch Lasagna

    Bitch Lasagna5 часов назад

    i wish for fortnite and mark ass brown lee to be in youtube rewind

  62. Xel Escobar

    Xel Escobar6 часов назад

    so will smith is a wish smurf now

  63. Arkham Mayhem

    Arkham Mayhem6 часов назад

    Jafar is a princess and will Smith blew himself

  64. Aby Adamov

    Aby Adamov6 часов назад

    Yassssss so excited!!!! 😍🙌🏼

  65. a thing

    a thing6 часов назад

    *Yaaaaaahahaahhh Ahh that's hot, now that's hot*

  66. a thing

    a thing6 часов назад

    Akinator: The Movie (2019) | Official Trailer

  67. Night Raven

    Night Raven6 часов назад

    Click here 👉m.rureporter.net/v/видео-ff6UA4v_ajE.html

  68. yingxian7296

    yingxian72966 часов назад

    While people are reacting to Will Smith (and I hope Will kills the role), I think Jafar's casting and voice just doesn't suit this... Jafar was supposed to be menacing and snarly...

  69. Ranshitha Kularathna

    Ranshitha Kularathna6 часов назад

    Highly unpopular opinion : This doesn’t look as bad as everyone bashes it to be.

  70. Am In

    Am In6 часов назад

    Why genie talk black?

  71. Kid Fury

    Kid Fury6 часов назад


  72. randomnyss2011

    randomnyss20116 часов назад

    this is so stupid....

  73. Cringe Spasm

    Cringe Spasm7 часов назад

    Yah... its Aladdin time.

  74. Bill Cipher

    Bill Cipher7 часов назад

    What have you done, Disney?

  75. Logan Kelly

    Logan Kelly7 часов назад

    Ok, I was sorta into it, but then I saw the Genie... Like seriously, what the fuck am I looking at.

  76. Worst Story

    Worst Story7 часов назад

    I hope that the lion king won’t disappoint me 😐

  77. Shivangi Sundar

    Shivangi Sundar7 часов назад

    The genie looks like a really bad deep fake

  78. Vedant Singh

    Vedant Singh7 часов назад

    Someone should ask Will if he's doing all right cause he looks a little blue.

  79. Burk Box

    Burk Box7 часов назад

    This is a joke right? This is some of the worst casting I've ever seen! Jafar is bot intimidating in the slightest, Aladdin and Jasmine look completely disinterested in what's going on, and WTF DID THEY DO TO THE GENIE?!?!

  80. dear stella

    dear stella7 часов назад

    oh my god will smith as genie looks like a damn avatar with no legs *i love you Disney but it’s time to stop*

  81. Anouk

    Anouk7 часов назад

    It does not look THAT bad. Only the will smith part is fucked up. They turned him into a fat smurf.

  82. Blu

    Blu7 часов назад


  83. D'ssnith Game

    D'ssnith Game7 часов назад

    Fuck my eyes!!!

  84. Pharmit24

    Pharmit248 часов назад

    pause at 0:54 they deepfake will smith face. wtf?


    ANIMATOR CILIK8 часов назад

    144p : *AVATAR* 1440p: *GENIE*

  86. Ella Jade

    Ella Jade8 часов назад

    Now that face was kinda scary


    ANIMATOR CILIK8 часов назад

    Did you guys looking for this 0:52

  88. jade 173

    jade 1738 часов назад

    Why disney makes movies in live action but they made in cartoon before the same movie!? Or the second part of another movie!? I want more original movies!!!!!

  89. OneCrazyKing

    OneCrazyKing8 часов назад

    WTF Will Smith playing as genie? LOL hes gonna make more memes lol he will be more famous

  90. Joe Normal

    Joe Normal8 часов назад

    What have become of Disney :/

  91. Rainbow Snail

    Rainbow Snail8 часов назад

    What the hell is with Jafar's voice? Has he not hit puberty yet?

  92. Rick the Brick

    Rick the Brick8 часов назад

    *Why does Jafar looks like one of those uncle that sells cracks??*

  93. Rick the Brick

    Rick the Brick9 часов назад

    **Rubs lamp** *Will smith: AAAhhhahaha das hot, das hot*

  94. Kim Nguyen

    Kim Nguyen9 часов назад

    0:53 *Ahhh, that’s hot, that’s hot!*

  95. Dylan Megaw

    Dylan Megaw9 часов назад

    Bad CGI, Behind The Scenes drama and turmoil and divisive director helming it all...I hope I am wrong I really do but it looks like Aladdin is shaping up to be 2019's "Justice League"

  96. Dragon Witch

    Dragon Witch9 часов назад

    B-but...where is fortnite?

  97. Juan Moscoso

    Juan Moscoso9 часов назад

    The most awkward cast I ever seen

  98. Vansh Kunar

    Vansh Kunar9 часов назад

    YaAAaaAAA..thas haawt..thas haawt!

  99. maxyyy millionsss

    maxyyy millionsss9 часов назад

    It's rewind time!!

  100. SALLEN73 _

    SALLEN73 _9 часов назад

    Ahhh thats hot thats hot

  101. Meery_Parker_22

    Meery_Parker_229 часов назад

    This movie is going to butcher the wonderful amazing beautiful movie I have forever loved. Damnit. Some things just shouldn’t be remade. LikE MULAN OMFG THATS A WHOLE OTHER RANT IM -