You're So Immature! *VALENTINE'S DAY*


  1. libby the dork

    libby the dork10 минут назад

    Aww at the very beginning when he says "hi molly!" I'm literally dying!!!!

  2. ActivePanda

    ActivePanda45 минут назад

    How dare you not be with loren

  3. Estrella Lopez

    Estrella Lopez59 минут назад

    It’s cute but I’m still not over you and Lauren!!😭😭😭

  4. bootiful girl

    bootiful girlЧас назад

    I'm single but I did go to a valentines disco AND MY FRIEND GOT A BOYFRIEND EKKKKK!!!!!!!!!! But I'm still single ; ^ ;

  5. bootiful girl

    bootiful girlЧас назад

    Its back

  6. Ruba Treki

    Ruba TrekiЧас назад

    Theiros are up baby this is Alex new girlfriend go to the channel trend talk and watch the video that got the mystery girl for Alex or something like that.

  7. Imfamous 1

    Imfamous 1Час назад

    Wat the fuck is dis

  8. Ellayna Gober

    Ellayna GoberЧас назад

    I hope Aaron gave his 300$ back

  9. Sherlyn Martinez

    Sherlyn MartinezЧас назад

    Who does the voices!!? They’re so cuuuute 😂

  10. LilysRobloxAdventures ???

    LilysRobloxAdventures ???Час назад

    What about lauren

  11. Weirdo Wei

    Weirdo Wei2 часа назад

    😂😂😂 The ending..

  12. Marianne Balabon

    Marianne Balabon2 часа назад

    My name is Molly 😛

  13. Michelle Flores

    Michelle Flores2 часа назад

    Lol 😝

  14. Charlotte Harper

    Charlotte Harper2 часа назад

    3:56 She’s so booty full😂😂😂😂 Im sorry I’ll leave now

  15. im_just_bored_so_im_on_youtube ._.

    im_just_bored_so_im_on_youtube ._.2 часа назад

    Wassabi productions 😔😫 I miss you and too makes me want to cry

  16. RayYT

    RayYT2 часа назад

    Wow Lauren and Alex have already moved on D:

  17. Lol Amy

    Lol Amy2 часа назад

    *Awww y'all cute together* ✨❤️😭

  18. Telmy Mejia

    Telmy Mejia2 часа назад


  19. Rain's AsmrSlime

    Rain's AsmrSlime2 часа назад

    Lol new girlfriend

  20. Stephanyliss

    Stephanyliss3 часа назад

    Cutest video in the world ♥️🙌🏻🙌🏻

  21. PUG studios

    PUG studios3 часа назад

    What happened to laurel

  22. Lindzy Navarro

    Lindzy Navarro3 часа назад

    *Cough - But this is still so cute - Cough*

  23. Lindzy Navarro

    Lindzy Navarro3 часа назад

    *Cough - Laurex is broken - Cough*

  24. Stef and Brit

    Stef and Brit3 часа назад


  25. Mr. Lindy

    Mr. Lindy3 часа назад

    Tell you tell you *tell her how u feel*

  26. Cupcake lover: Jasmine

    Cupcake lover: Jasmine3 часа назад

    Single for life❤️❤️❤️love you so much alex❤️💙❤️💙and Aaron love ya 🥰😍😘😚

  27. Puppetboy Miguel

    Puppetboy Miguel3 часа назад

    🙂 Hello Wassabi, 😋 you know I can 😀 hear your loudest voice!!!😅 ever cause, 🙄 you are so immature. 😏 "on valentine's day"

  28. Taitirwanyasha Usiku

    Taitirwanyasha Usiku3 часа назад

    Where do you live. I live in England

  29. Mary Strong

    Mary Strong4 часа назад

    IS she your real girl friend or is learDIy

  30. Christian alonzo Herrera mendoza

    Christian alonzo Herrera mendoza4 часа назад


  31. Magenta-Chan Playz

    Magenta-Chan Playz4 часа назад


  32. ii_Sxbrinaxo

    ii_Sxbrinaxo4 часа назад

    this is so freaking cute ahhh! ❤❤❤

  33. Itz. Potato

    Itz. Potato4 часа назад

    4:29 is so me when a random boy kicks me hard

  34. PB Isanan

    PB Isanan4 часа назад

    why is this still me now

  35. Aye ItsKay

    Aye ItsKay4 часа назад


  36. Selenia Share

    Selenia Share4 часа назад

    Hahahaha this was freaking hilarious but also sooooo cute

  37. Jazmin Medina

    Jazmin Medina4 часа назад

    Plz do more of these I miss them and they are super hilarious 😂 😂🙏🏼

  38. Let’s have Fun

    Let’s have Fun5 часов назад

    can you please get back with lauren

  39. 5 часов назад

    alex thats not a doller thats a 100 doller

  40. Nevaeh serrano

    Nevaeh serrano5 часов назад


  41. Marisol Cortes

    Marisol Cortes5 часов назад

    Bring back laurdiy please!!!!!!

  42. April Phipps

    April Phipps5 часов назад

    all of the cash was 100 bills

  43. Natalie Skoufos

    Natalie Skoufos5 часов назад

    Why did you brake up with larun

  44. jenn6070 jenn6070

    jenn6070 jenn60705 часов назад


  45. OG_ SKIPZ

    OG_ SKIPZ6 часов назад

    Roi and alex plz

  46. Keathan B

    Keathan B6 часов назад

    _trust me I’m a _*_ladies man_*

  47. Arianna Black

    Arianna Black6 часов назад

    You and Lauren back together but you guys should meet up on a date

  48. Gacha_brî :D

    Gacha_brî :D6 часов назад

    I ship it :3

  49. Wolfie 1229 Chl03

    Wolfie 1229 Chl037 часов назад

    Sorry Alex but I’m going solo

  50. Gacha Queen

    Gacha Queen7 часов назад

    I love this 😂

  51. Gravity Whales4

    Gravity Whales47 часов назад

    It’s so different without Roi..😭 it’s not Wassabi Productions anymore 😥

  52. Sam Hayek

    Sam Hayek7 часов назад

    Her face at the end 😂

  53. Ritzel Agot

    Ritzel Agot8 часов назад

    Man alex is DAMN RICH he gives aaron a 100$ bill

  54. Daniella Zahraa Jatnika

    Daniella Zahraa Jatnika8 часов назад

    I love the part when Alex said "but she so butiful" Alex did said "butiful" not "beatiful".

  55. yes, i am that art hoe you see everyday

    yes, i am that art hoe you see everyday9 часов назад

    So um Valex is not a thing?

  56. Mouffak Fregat

    Mouffak Fregat9 часов назад

    Can u make another vid like this plz👍😁😀😄👌👌

  57. 周元云

    周元云9 часов назад

    aww so cute

  58. bassant hassan

    bassant hassan9 часов назад

    what if lauren saw this oh oh

  59. Murfle Rachel

    Murfle Rachel10 часов назад

    Alex, no... I your making a your so immature video, atleast add a clip of someone saying "your so immature" XD

  60. Cj -_-

    Cj -_-10 часов назад

    Her foundation is bad

  61. Emily Reeve

    Emily Reeve10 часов назад

    This is adorable x

  62. Devashree Kandar

    Devashree Kandar10 часов назад

    Omo how cuteeeee❤️❤️😭

  63. It's Ifeoma PraiseGod

    It's Ifeoma PraiseGod11 часов назад

    Do another one their so good

  64. Christian Reth Paires

    Christian Reth Paires12 часов назад

    Wait did lauren and alex broke up

  65. Eve Webb

    Eve Webb13 часов назад

    Im sorry I love u Alex it's just I feel like your trying to move on to fast....

  66. VreNikk Pillow Fluffs

    VreNikk Pillow Fluffs13 часов назад

    This is the cutest thing ive ever seen😍.Why did alex give $100 instead of $1😂

  67. aestheticx Cookie

    aestheticx Cookie13 часов назад

    “I want my 3 dollars back” *puts 4 fingers up*

  68. ItzDom

    ItzDom13 часов назад

    My fav one from the Your so immature series

  69. The gamer Isabelle

    The gamer Isabelle13 часов назад


  70. Elsa Tasker

    Elsa Tasker14 часов назад

    He put 4 fingers up instead 3

  71. Elsa Tasker

    Elsa Tasker14 часов назад


  72. Nicole Shu

    Nicole Shu14 часов назад

    a d o r a b l e

  73. Sara Abu safyeh

    Sara Abu safyeh14 часов назад

    Wasn't lauren ur gf

  74. འօʂҽ చօӀƒքӀąվ可爱

    འօʂҽ చօӀƒքӀąվ可爱14 часов назад

    I love how he point out 4 finger when he said* give me my THREE dollar back* but points 4 fingers

  75. Jay don

    Jay don15 часов назад

    I like the part when u fell when she kiss you

  76. Isabella Bona

    Isabella Bona15 часов назад

    Wait so is that his gf

  77. Scyther Gaming & More

    Scyther Gaming & More16 часов назад

    That's not $1 that's $10... 😂

  78. Jazmyn Perez

    Jazmyn Perez16 часов назад

    Wheres Lauren

  79. Jennifer Maurangi

    Jennifer Maurangi16 часов назад


  80. ainsley tordera

    ainsley tordera16 часов назад


  81. Joyce Dolores

    Joyce Dolores17 часов назад


  82. It’s Maddy

    It’s Maddy17 часов назад

    👦🏻 👕 👖 That is Alex. Every like is a year older he gets How old will Alex get?

  83. Francheska Louise

    Francheska Louise17 часов назад

    Can you pls comeback with lauren

  84. Blaze 22

    Blaze 2217 часов назад

    I have a girlfriend

  85. Juli2468

    Juli246818 часов назад

    This is amazing ♥️

  86. Averygamez&more Yeet

    Averygamez&more Yeet18 часов назад

    I love these kind of vids

  87. Magic Wolves

    Magic Wolves18 часов назад

    Then I want my 3 dollars back!!*holds up 4 fingers*

  88. Emily Haver

    Emily Haver18 часов назад

    He my have a girl friend now because she kissed him

  89. KenOOF-white

    KenOOF-white18 часов назад

    alex I thought you girl friend was luren

  90. Lillian Restad

    Lillian Restad18 часов назад

    Who's single!!!???! (silently raises hand)

  91. Beans And goose

    Beans And goose18 часов назад

    I guess laurex really is dead... 😭😭

  92. Anya 078

    Anya 07818 часов назад


  93. Aftin DeFries

    Aftin DeFries19 часов назад

    Did you and your other girlfriend break up?

  94. Mia Arreola

    Mia Arreola19 часов назад

    Remember when he and Roy used to do this????!!!!ggoooddd times

  95. Jercelys The Unicorn

    Jercelys The Unicorn19 часов назад

    "But she's so bootyful" LOL

  96. erika crooker

    erika crooker19 часов назад

    😂😂😂 the ending

  97. Jughead Jones

    Jughead Jones19 часов назад

    yeah Aaron is a ladies man thats how he got roni

  98. Princess Clarice Deligero

    Princess Clarice Deligero19 часов назад

    It's the first time Alex didn't say "you're so immature!"anyone else noticed that too?

  99. cassandra vidal

    cassandra vidal19 часов назад


  100. ysabel recio

    ysabel recio19 часов назад

    Hahahaha very funny

  101. Katie Bake

    Katie Bake19 часов назад

    So cutttee favorite You're so Immature